Matt Murdoch 360° Golf

Golf instruction at Blue Hills Country Club


My philosophy is simple listen to the student and help them to set obtainable goals. "A goal without a plan is a dream". Once the goal has been set we develop a plan or road map, this plan keeps you accountable and working towards accomplishing that goal. With solid fundamentals and a plan of attack I can help you reach your goals. Remember golf is really hard, but it's a game of a life time. Your swing will change as your body changes; it is helpful to have someone along the way to help you with those changes.


My approach is similar to building a large building; you start with a sturdy foundation. We will accomplish this by checking your swing fundamentals to make sure that they are in line with the desired outcome. The foundation of the golf swing starts with a proper set up and stance. Quite often desired ball flight changes can be as simple as changing someone's set up. With great fundamentals we can then get your body into position to allow the club to swing.


Matt, the season package was money well spent, I started the year lacking any self-confidence on the course and ended the season much more assured in my ability. Scheduling was easy and convenient, it's a no-brainer that I will be participating again next year. Many thanks.

- J. Stadler